House and Flat Move

So you decided to move house. Now what?

Can you feel the anxiety creeping up, escalating each day as your house removal date approaches? Moving leaves can leave you stressed about small things, exhausted, perhaps you’re not even sleeping well. There is a better way to move without all that stress: you need a moving company to help you out with the whole process. Can you picture your move to a new house in which everything is organized, under control, and all of that for a great value? We can make that come true. Call us today on 02032 948 063 / 07716 081 148 to find out how and we’ll help you throughout the process.

We’ll give you with a checklist so you can start to get ready months in advance of your move out date. It will help you keep track of each and every details that you may not even realize are related to moving (such as notifying the electric & gas companies, telling the post office, banks, online shopping, etc). What about your friends and family? Don’t assume that everyone will know that you’re moving. Try and organize a mass email to let everyone know and maybe organize a house warming party on the new place?

Can it be done without going crazy?

Now, to accomplish all those small tasks without getting overwhelmed you should take advantage of our helpful hints and checklist so you can begin organizing your house removal today. With a plan to follow you will avoid all that stress and won’t need to try and remember all the details and when they need to be done. Let us help you through the process of moving your flat or house.

Quick Tips:

  • Decide on a moving date – avoid weekends to get a cheaper price
  • Book the moving company – Call us on 02032 948 063 / 07716 081 148
  • Create a checklist and labels for your boxes
  • Hire professional cleaners to clean your new place before you move in
  • Create a fact sheet for the people moving into your old house (heating system, appliances left behind, rubbish collection, etc)
  • Put all the house keys together including the ones left with neighbours, nannies and relatives and give them to your estate agent
  • Make a scale plan for each room in your new home so the moving company knows exactly where to place everything.

Moving to another office space? Leave it with us!

Send us an email or give us a call to discuss your move and the best way to organize it. We have years of experience that can save you time and money.

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